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Holy Sweet Monkey Jesus!

Yo, Erick here. Here at CG, we pride ourselves into making the best comic that we could possibly make with our hand-Ahhh, screw it. Yes, we got as far as 8 comics. I know, holy crap, huh? We're actually taking this SERIOUSLY. Normally, we don't take projects seriously UNLESS there's a gun over our heads OR Sephiroth is looming over our backs, holding a whip and saying "Work."

But anyways,

Yes, besides all the random stuff, the pop-culture references, the video-game references, and any other references there is actually a PLOT. Oh, yes, THERE IS A PLOT. FEAR IT. Oh, and it is true. I hate Toad. I just do. Do you have ANY idea how annoying to see his little mushroom ass behind me, screaming "Yahoo!" everytime he passes me?! DO YOU?! But I also get my mental rocks off when I hear his scream....Ahhh...


Yes, there is a plot. Yes, we'll continue. No promises on keeping Toad un-whaled.

Until then.

- Posted by Chachoregard on October 23rd, 2007, 8:45 pm    -   0 comments

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