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We are Live in 3. . .2. . .1. . .

Tremble in your boots!
Quake in your trousers!
We, Caffienated Goodness, have returned!
Yes, Erick is right- when one goes through so much hard work putting together a good comic- and you know its a good comic when it makes even yourself laugh when you read it- only to have it rejected 5 times even though you edit it again and again and again. . . you just want to scream "MRAWR" and beat the hell out of something. In my case, I beat the hell out of buildings in The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction. That was kind of my inspiration for the Dartan Smash filler, but thats another story.
Anyway- We'll be ATTEMPTING to do a weeks worth of updating to get ourselves back up to speed, with the doing of a turkey day comic that will be magically thrust back through time using Smackjeeves wonderous technology, so that it appears on Turkeyday, 2007.
Many thanks to Markusdragon of Mystery Sprite Theater for helping us get through our problem, and I hope y'all go visit his comic.
~Malachite Dragon

Thanks to Erick, we now have the beginnings of a Character page. I'll get to work on little Character buttons and more Character Bio pages so that y'all can come up to date with our beloved character's backstories. Also, for those of you who find our posts hard to read- That will no longer be a problem, my dumb ass finally figured out how to enlarge the text to a more comfortable level, so you wont have to squint until your eyes bleed anymore. I'll teach Erick how to do the same, so you wont have to use a magnifying glass to read his news posts. G'day!


Character Page has been revamped slightly, we has buttons now!
Amazing what half an hour of Photoshop and 10 minutes of HTML coding can do, huh? =D

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