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I Can Has Comic Time Nao?

Both of us here at Caffeinated Goodness, would like to sound off some new tidbits about our Comic Habits.

First off.

See up top? "Updates: Whenever The Hell We Feel Like It"? It's true. We can't stick to a regular time schedule, we just can't. We've seen many comics (Unknown and Very Well Known) go through, maybe 2, 3, or a full month without an update. Shit happens when you are working on a comic. We went through like a whole month not posting a regular comic, but only Fillers, and it was just bad to see that. Sure, it was the Holiday Season, but we couldn't really. This is us when we're making a comic:


Ok, ok. Hold on, just gotta finish something here.

*goes offline, bored and unable to do a thing, so I play video games*

-5 Hours Later-

Yer done?

. . .

Thats basically our habit. I go offline, he works in the comic, but then gets distracted by PSX ISOs (he's currently suckered in by Tomba 2) and a comic pops up....a week later.

So, if you don't see a comic, or maybe even a FILLER, just see the Update tag, and you'll be comforted....slightly.

So, what have we learned?

-We don't stick to weekly schedules.
-We're lazy bastards

So, until then, I leave with this:

Read. Laugh. Love The Muffin.


Thanks to the team at Smackjeeves, we changed the template to a better version of Horror Black. We now has an RSS Feed, so that you can catch up on the comic AS SOON as it's uploaded. It's also more aesthetically pleasing, but we still need the ffin' huge font size.

But anyways...


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