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Ok, really now.

*ze forehead rub*
Le sigh.
Well. Harddrive crashed and burned in a fashion most spectacular; Every single sprite was lost, every comic gone.
We will soldier on, however! Every sprite has been re-downloaded and recoloring will begin anon; Not that anyone cares, given that no one comments on the thing and I highly doubt anyone even reads it. Oh well!
Also, it seems that several comics are downright missing. This is disturbing. Hm. Oh well! Not quite sure what direction we're going to be taking the comic at the moment, but rest assured that even if we end up meandering aimlessly and slowly transforming into little more then a series of fart jokes (bwahaha) Caffienated Goodness (And for the spelling nazi's- The misspelled word is intentional) will continue.
~Malachite Dragon

Chachoregard Edit: I would like to bring the point home that yes, we are indeed serious(again) about the webcomic. In fact, we have one RIGHT now in the middle of being. So seriously, we're doing this man. I can feel it!

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